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Where do I park?

  • We have a small parking lot right in front of the building! It's on the lefthand side at the corner of West 5th and Pressler Streets.There's also free street parking along Pressler Street.

What's the cancellation policy?

  • For all sessions there is a 24 hour cancellation window to cancel or change without a fee. Any cancellations or changes within 24 hours of your session will incur a fee up to 100%. 

  • With a no call/no show there is no exception, there is a 100% fee, and you'll no longer be able to book without paying in full in advance.

  • Please call or text 512-222-6243 if you know you'll be late or need to cancel a session. Email is not suitable for short notice changes, please only use email requests outside of the 24 hour window.

What are the COVID precautions?

  • We have a Molekule Air Mini air purifier in each treatment room, running 24/7

  • Masks encouraged but not required, though your therapist is happy to mask at your request and may ask you to mask at their discretion 

  • Blankets and linens changed out after every appointment

  • 30 minutes between sessions to clean/disinfect surfaces

  • Table, headrest, and high touch surfaces cleaned with MadaCide-FDW-Plus disinfectant between each appointment

  • Single use or pump container of massage cream to avoid cross contamination

  • Single use compostable paper cups for water

  • No-touch trash cans

  • Touch-free payment options available (pay ahead online, ApplePay, GooglePay, Venmo)

  • Hand sanitizer/soap & water available for clients before & after appointment

Do I have to pay in advance?

  • If this is your first time booking with us, yes. If you're a return client, you can choose between paying ahead or paying at the time of your appointment. 

Do you offer discounts?

Do I need to tip my therapist? 

  • You can, you aren't expected to. Tipping is 100% optional, our pricing is designed as flat rate. 


What's the difference between massage and EFT?

  • Lots! Massage is focused on addressing the physical body through touch and movement; it's relatively passive in approach. Your massage therapist will use their hands and elbows to apply pressure or other massage strokes.  They may also use tools like cups or scraping tools. 

  • EFT/tapping addresses primarily the emotional/mental experience through spoken word and tapping of specific points on the body and is more active and involved.  Your EFT practitioner will verbally guide and model movements for you during your session. There's a lot of talking and movement in an EFT session. You can book an EFT session here.  You can learn more about EFT by watching the video below and by following our Instagram account. 

What exactly is EFT/Tapping?

  • Emotional Freedom Technique is essentially a guided self development technique that can ease emotional overwhelm, experience of pain, and shift unhelpful thoughts or habits. A trained EFT practitioner (like Sara!) will get to know you and what you want to work on in your session, then tailor the dialogue to guide you into a safe and growth-oriented mindset. Here's a short video with one of Sara's clients, discussing how EFT impacted her life:


What is Gua Sha? What can I expect afterwards? Is it similar to scraping?

  • Multiple therapists at FDG utilize scraping techniques during some sessions. The approach may vary from the more Traditional Chinese Medicine approach of Gua Sha, to a newer athletic approach. Scraping in general involves using a metal, ceramic, jade or plastic hand held tool to quite literally scrape an area of skin. Pressure, tempo, direction, location and duration all vary based on technique, therapist, and needs so each experience may be different. In general though, gua sha will be more intense than other approaches, involving more pressure over an area for longer. It tends to leave a red patch or bruising - the 'sha' part of gua sha. You can read more about Sara's approach to Gua Sha here

Does all deep tissue massage hurt?

  • The short answer is no. But there's a lot of nuance to it too. Deep tissue is not the same as a ton of pressure. 

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