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What started as a fun way to reach clients through in-home sessions, turned into a perfectly timed collaboration between two local woman-owned businesses. Katrina Augostini is the founder of Kat Can Help, a small out-call only massage practice.  Dena Kinate is the founder of Applied Pressure, previously located in Austin, Texas now relocated to St. Paul, Minnesota.  

In March 2020, Katrina purchased Applied Pressure's Austin-based massage practice at 809 South Lamar and brought Feel Damn Good to life.  FDG is a collaboration of techniques, clients, and ideas from both business, now owned & operated by Kat. 

If you're an Austin client of Dena's looking to book a session at Applied Pressure, you're in the right place.  Much of what made Applied Pressure unique remains the same. You'll find the same attention to detail and dedication to skilled, intuitive work, and flat rate pricing so you never have to hesitate over calculating gratuity. We've moved from the original little studio on SOLA to a larger two-room studio at 1400 W. 5th Street, and we continue to improve upon the foundation of both amazing businesses. 


If you're in Minnesota and looking for a session with Dena, you'll want to check out Dena's new location in St. Paul.


About Brianna


Meet Brianna (Bri), our Sports Massage rockstar. She started at Applied Pressure as an apprentice to then owner Dena Kinate, and has continued offering her skillset at FDG.  Bri's developed her intuitive and orthopedic focused technique over years and with the influence of many facets of bodywork. She has a background in Shiatsu, sports massage, breath work, myofascial release, and more. 


Bri's specialty is a combo of structural integration & myofascial release, with Active Release Therapy (ART) sprinkled in. She is strong, intuitive, and has an extensive understanding of anatomy. She doesn't lose sight of the wholeness of a person's experience, bringing attention and breath where it's needed. 

About Sara


Sara comes to FDG with a couple decades' worth of experience in massage and bodywork. She knows it's her superpower and she uses it well. Sara's expertise covers deep tissue, cupping, gua sha, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka tapping), among others. She's highly skilled, attentive, and detail oriented in her approach. 

Sara's work isn't for those looking for a Swedish pampering massage. Her work is detailed, thorough, and can be quite intense. She's well versed with cupping and scraping/gua sha as well. Her multifaceted approach will address just about any issue you bring to the table. 

About Kat


Kat is a problem solver and giver at heart.  These attributes lead her to exploring kinesiology, medical settings, and ultimately massage therapy.


She received her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009, transitioned to a Chiropractic Assistant shortly after, and then manual therapy through the New Beginning School of Massage's LMT program in Austin in 2014. Immediately after graduating, Kat began a 6 month apprenticeship with successful and sought after therapist, Julia Traylor of Rise. Afterwards she worked with some of Austin's best therapists at Myo Massage, before moving to Generator Athlete Lab as one of the original therapists at the facility opening in 

September 2018. She remained as one of the lead therapists, working closely with the co-owners and athletes of all abilities, while also taking on the role of Assistant Manager.  In 2019, Kat began her own out-call only massage practice, eventually leading her to the purchase of Applied Pressure's Austin-based facility in early 2020.


Kat has developed her technique to involve lots of movement, fluidity, and assessment, deeply listening to the body and all it has to say.  Movement is vital to the human body, so expect lots of mobility work, active & passive movement, and discussion of self care.

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