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Feel Damn Good came to life in May of 2020, though the concept had been long brewing before then. FDG is a thoughtful collaboration of techniques, clients, and ideas meant to shake up your idea of what a Damn Good Massage can truly be.

Owned and operated by Katrina Augostini, sessions are available with multiple therapists, including Katrina. 

This isn't just another massage studio. It's the best damn massage you'll find in Austin, for the best damn price. 

About Manda

A former dancer, Manda pays close attention to her client’s movement and posture. “It’s incredible, the story a body can tell a bodyworker as they walk through the door of a studio.”. She addresses blocks in range of motion with both soft tissue work as well as deep stretching, all while incorporating breath work into sessions. Her work is slow and deep, allowing the muscles to unwind with a combination of pressure and patience. She approaches her clients with warmth and care, and employs a whole body & mind approach to bodywork.


Manda completed her initial massage training in 2000 at The Smith Institute. She has studied with institutions such as The Lauterstein Conway School, Texas Healing Arts and New Beginning School of Massage. She has specialized training in the low back and hip area (treating sciatica and piriformis syndrome) and relieving tension in the head, neck and jaw. 


She began her work in the destination wellness spa industry and has over the past decade focused on corrective bodywork, developing treatment plans for her clients. 

Moving into her 23rd year of massage, she continues to introduce distressed and tired bodies to the magic of freedom in movement.


About Kevin

Kevin began his massage career in 2012 after finishing an extensive program in Denver, Colorado with an emphasis on structural integration. With his own life-long commitment to movement and function, Kevin has a keen eye in terms of identifying what, where, and how your body needs facilitating. 

Kevin's style is slow, attentive, and highly attuned. He's very well suited for athletes, those just entering their fitness journey, those needing injury management or recovery, as well as pain management and maintenance sessions. He specializes in hip, low back pain and sciatica, but his skills are certainly not limited to these.


About Briana

Briana's work is particularly helpful for competitive athletes of all levels, addressing injuries both old and new, and pregnancy related discomfort. Some of her long time clients are runners with a history of hip/hamstring issues, dancers, weight lifters wanting to improve their form and performance, and moms with hip pain during pregnancy and upper back pain postpartum. She's got a handful of software engineers in the mix as well (coding IS an endurance sport, amirite?). 


Bri is strong, intuitive, and has an extensive understanding of anatomy. She doesn't lose sight of the wholeness of a person's experience, bringing attention and breath where it's needed and paying particular attention to tension patterns in your body.


She specializes in Sport, Pregnancy, and orthopedic oriented massage.  Bri's developed her intuitive and orthopedic-focused technique over years and with the influence of many facets of bodywork. She has a background in Shiatsu, sports massage, breath work, myofascial release, and more. 


About Kat

Kat is both business owner and massage therapist for FDG.  She's a problem solver and giver at heart. These attributes lead her to exploring kinesiology, medical settings, and ultimately massage therapy.

Kat has developed her technique to involve lots of movement, fluidity, and assessment, deeply listening to the body and all it has to say.  

Kat has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh (2009) and graduated from New Beginning School of Massage's LMT program in Austin (2014). Immediately after graduating, Kat began a 6 month apprenticeship with successful and sought after therapist, Julia Traylor of Rise. Afterwards she worked with some of Austin's best therapists at Myo Massage, before moving to Generator Athlete Lab as one of the original therapists at the facility opening in September 2018. Kat transitioned from a solo out-call only practice to the single room studio for Feel Damn Good in the summer of 2020. FDG has grown since, and now occupies a beautiful three room studio on West 5th. 

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