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This is your Anti-Spa Massage.

We don't do Swedish; we do Deep. Our sessions are effective and efficient.


On top of that, you're getting the best damn value for your money.

Our pricing is flat rate and all inclusive, which means our therapists are paid more without relying on tips, and you won't get charged extra for services like cupping or kinesiology-taping.

Active & Passive Movement

Our bodies are made to move. Sessions include various forms of movement and joint mobility to improve outcomes.

Deep & Intuitive

The body will speak; we're here to listen. Working slowly allows for greater connection and insight into the body's responses.

Targeted & Effective 

Every stroke should have a purpose. We don't follow a routine and there's never any "fluff". The most effective sessions are deeply intentional and adaptive.


We don't have a dizzying list of trademarked massage names; who cares about the name when the work is this good. Yes, your therapist does know who has the trademark, but we never expect you to.

Our style is deep, slow, therapeutic.  Plain & Simple.

“...One thing I liked was Kat’s over the top willingness to help and listen to what issues bothered me and her regular follow up to see how things were improving...I am now completely healed, and I thank Kat for being so instrumental in my recovery.”

— SM

“I had a wonderful experience with Sara... She has a calming, grounded energy and really seemed to care about my experience. Can't wait to go back.”

— EL

(Briana) provided me immense relief. Best birthday present ever. You're very talented and I look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you so much for the care you took with me yesterday and the extra time you spent dropping knowledge afterwards. <3

— LB



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1400 W. 5th St

Austin, TX 78703

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