This is your Anti-Spa Massage. We don't do Swedish; we do Deep. We do Manual Therapy. Our sessions are tailored, effective, & efficient. Tired of mediocre massage? In need of an insightful Massage Therapist who will help you Feel Damn Good, look no further. You found it!

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Active & Passive Movement

Our bodies are made to move. Sessions include various forms of movement & joint mobility to improve outcomes.

Deep & Intuitive

The body will speak; we're here to listen. Working slowly allows for greater connection & insight into the body's responses.

Targeted & Effective 

Every stroke should have a purpose. We don't follow a routine & there's never any "fluff". The most effective sessions are deeply intentional & adaptive.

“Kat has shown me that massage therapy can be applied for more reasons than just simple relaxation. It can be a tool to help relieve pain and tension, as well as promote a healthier lifestyle by emphasizing stressed areas caused by repetitive motions or bad habits (think bad posture). I highly recommend her to anyone looking for therapeutic relief ...”

— Mykul, Google Review

“...One thing I liked was Kat’s over the top willingness to help and listen to what issues bothered me and her regular follow up to see how things were improving...I am now completely healed, and I thank Kat for being so instrumental in my recovery.”

— Steven

“Katrina is a miracle worker. I’ve suffered from a chronic hip injury and have tried everything (except surgery) and her method is the only thing that offers immediate relief. She’s also super knowledgeable and offers plenty of recommendations of things I can do at home to reduce pain and relieve tightness. No other masseuse has ever compared and now this can serve as a permanent reminder to her that she is THE BEST.”

— Sasha, Google Review


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